* Ilis - Amazon.com browser for Windows Mobile [#w3f384f1]
 IlisUS for Windows Mobile.~
 This application is Search for amazon.com & item management.
 ** Feature [#od7a92f0]
 -Search for amazon.com.
 -Item management.
 -Change item status name.
 -You can change the display order of the search categories.
 -Your can change the display order of the product categories.
 ** Download [#da7e7427]
 -&ref(IlisUS_1.3.1.CAB); Ver.1.3.1 2011/08/01
 ** History [#z05f1389]
 --Bug fix: English resource data bug.
 -2011/06/27 Version 1.3
 --New release
 ** Environment [#ye6e01ae]
 -Microsoft Windows Mobile 5/6
 -.NET Compact Framework 2.0
 -Internet connection
 ** comments [#z6f38990]
 - Much better! -- [[Sander]] &new{2011-08-01 (月) 18:52:22};
 -- Thank you. -- [[Karino]] &new{2011-08-02 (火) 09:03:35};
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